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How do I renew my Car Insurance policy?

We'll post you a renewal invite letter at least 21 days before your renewal date and will tell you how to renew your cover.

Please check your Motor Insurance Schedule and the Motor Proposal Confirmation. If anything is incorrect, no longer entirely accurate, or if you are unsure about any details, please call us immediately.

If your policy is set to automatically renew and all the details are correct, you won't need to do anything - we'll renew the policy using the payment details shown in the letter.

Your new certificate of insurance will then be sent to you after your renewal date.

If you need to call us to renew your policy please call us on 0345 246 8706. If you'd prefer the peace of mind of letting us automatically renew your policy next time just let one of our advisors know. Lines open: 8am-9pm Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday and 10am-5pm.

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