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What should I do if my house is damaged during a storm or high winds?

If emergency repairs are needed to make your home safe, arrange for a local qualified tradesman to make the repairs as soon as possible – please ask for an itemised invoice.

If you are unable to contact a local qualified tradesman, you can call our 24-hour emergency helpline service on 0345 878 5081.  Arrangements will be made for the tradesman to call you to offer immediate advice. Remember to check your policy booklet to see if any of the damage is covered as you may be able to recover the cost, less any policy excess. 


If the damage is extensive, take a photograph before it is repaired. This will help us settle your claim later.

  • If gas, water or electricity supplies are affected, contact your supplier immediately for assistance - their number is usually at the top of your bill
  • Keep a note of all emergency numbers for your essential services
  • And most important of all - contact Direct Line immediately to register your claim and get further guidance on what to do next!

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